From Affiliate Marketer To Social Media Manager, 13 Jobs You Can Do If You Want To Work From Home For Life – ScoopWhoop

From Affiliate Marketer To Social Media Manager, 13 Jobs You Can Do If You Want To Work From Home For Life – ScoopWhoop

We are all cozied up in our beds, working from home – the one good thing that came out of this pandemic. We are hopeful that the pandemic will end soon but we don’t want this lifestyle to end. Some companies have allowed permanent work from home post-pandemic, but you might not be the lucky one working in those companies. So, we decided to look for jobs that you can do if you want to work from home for life.

1. Freelancing

When it comes to working from home for life, there’s no better option than freelancing. You work at your own pace, at your own time, and you charge the money that you deserve. There’s no restriction regarding the field of work, you pick your industry, be it writing, designing, consulting, or any other skill-based job in the world.

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You are not constrained to boundaries, you can work for a client in India or a client from the UK. You can even take several projects simultaneously, all you have to ensure is you deliver the project on time without compromising with the quality of work.

2. Social Media Manager

Since a social media manager’s job is entirely virtual, there’s no need to work from an office. All you have to do is manage the social media presence of your clients, and you can do it from home or from anywhere in the world. 

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3. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is basically you earning a commission whenever someone buys something that you recommended. Suppose you have a website or even an Instagram page, and you referred a book on Amazon, if someone buys that book using your link, Amazon pays you a percentage of the sales.

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There’s very less startup cost involved with affiliate marketing and you can start earning passively as soon as you start. Once you have a wide social presence with a good number of followers, you can earn really well through affiliate marketing. 

4. Animator

If you’re a creative individual and can create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other types of media then you can become a freelance animator. You can work from home for different clients, and since this is a creative field, you can earn good money based on your skills. 

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5. Home Baker

Gone are the days when you had to go to patisserie schools to become a baker. If you bake really good cakes that people would drool over, or create designs that grab everyone’s attention, you can become a home baker.

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The setup cost could be pretty high, and you might have to start by baking cakes and pastries for your near and dear ones, but this is one field where word of mouth will take you a long way. There …….


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