Top 10 small business in 2021 – Pulse Nigeria

Top 10 small business in 2021 – Pulse Nigeria

As the year 2022 begins, we seek to look at some of the most profitable small businesses that were leveraged upon. We’ll look at 10 of the top small businesses in 2022.

This is a highly profitable niche and business that has brought so many people out of poverty. It involves importing physical accessories from the country to Nigeria. It is a high-risk business because there is vulnerability if the information is not gotten from the right sources. Nonetheless, it is highly profitable and requires low capital to start. There is also a need for proper training to equip yourself going forward.

This involves the self-publication of content on a website to engage the audience. This has also paved the way for other opportunities as individuals now use this as a medium to sell their products or promote other people’s products ok their website. It is very profitable that was leveraged in 2021 and can be started anytime as it requires low capital.

This is a self-paced small business that was leveraged in the year 2021 as it involves writing content on diverse topics for other individuals and getting paid to do so. This business is one on this list that one can start without any capital.

The requirements are; good internet connection, a smartphone or laptop, a reliable client and you’re good to go. There are freelancing sites like Upwork where one gets a high paying client and find good jobs.

Affiliate Marketing involves finding other people’s products, promoting the products, making sales and getting a commission on every sale made. It is highly profitable and requires little or no capital to start. It is also a self-paced business that allows finding any product and making sales.

This is a very crucial role in a successful online business. It is the use of the power of social media to engage customers and also drive more sales. It has also served as a source of income for people, as it can help businesses increase their sales by leveraging social media. They get paid hourly to do so. It is very business to start in the online space as it requires less capital.

A physical business, but quite a profitable one. This is a type of service that requires washing other people’s clothes and getting paid. Although it is quite expensive due to the cost of the washing machine, …….


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